Beautiful Backsplashes for Your Kitchen

As an upscale tile and stone distributor, we can’t help but notice when we walk in a home and there is a beautiful kitchen back splash. A backsplash can be made of many different types of stone, tile, or ceramics, many of which are provided by CAPCO Tile & Stone. Below we’ve included some of the lovely kitchen back splashes we found while studying photos on the Web. Let these pictures give you some ideas about transforming your kitchen and creating a modern, individualistic look.

First we’d like to call your attention to the old mantra, “Two are better than one.” In the case of materials for your backsplashes, this couldn’t be more true. In this photo, we see the perfect execution of using two complementing materials for one backsplash.

Doesn’t this bronze stone sparkle, especially with the under-cabinet light? The stone backsplash is accented with bronze tiles to add a touch of sparkle.

If you’d like to move towards the eco-friendly options, think of using recycled-glass tile, which complements stainless-steel appliances.

Need help on the first steps to infuse your ideas into your kitchen? Give CAPCO Tile & Stone a call at 888-505-4918, and our experts will be delighted to help you get started.  Or send us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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